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METEOR-S: Semantic Web Services and Processes

Applying Semantics in Annotation, Quality of Service, Discovery, Composition, Execution

Welcome to the METEOR-S Use Cases Web page. Here we have collected use cases from recent theses and dissertations completed in the LSDIS Lab. Each use case focuses on an application that involves the creation of a business process that invokes multiple, related services. The use cases include both real (i.e., real functioning services currently on the Web) and fictitious ones that we coded for testing purposes. The following information about each use case is maintained on this page:

  • A brief description of the use case.
  • OWL documents, one for each ontology required by the use case
  • WSDL-S documents, one for each partner Web service
  • Paper(s) giving further discussion of the use case.

Use Case - Name and Description Ontology(s) used for annotation WSDL-S files Related Paper(s)
Stock Quote Use Case: This use case uses WSDL-S based descriptions of 8 real world Web services to allow selection of the appropriate stock quote service. SUMO Finance Ontology Ke Li's Master Thesis
Computer Memory Vendor in a supply chain scenario. RosettaNet Ontology A2MemorySupplier.wsdls