Uses of Interface

Packages that use ModelReferenceExtensible
edu.uga.cs.lsdis.sawsdl The primary interfaces. 
edu.uga.cs.lsdis.sawsdl.impl The primary Implementations of the root interfaces. 
edu.uga.cs.lsdis.sawsdl.impl.util Utilities 

Uses of ModelReferenceExtensible in edu.uga.cs.lsdis.sawsdl

Subinterfaces of ModelReferenceExtensible in edu.uga.cs.lsdis.sawsdl
 interface Operation
          Representation for the SAWSDL Operation
 interface Part
          Represents the SAWSDL message part.
 interface PortType
          Represents the SAWSDL porttype

Uses of ModelReferenceExtensible in edu.uga.cs.lsdis.sawsdl.impl

Classes in edu.uga.cs.lsdis.sawsdl.impl that implement ModelReferenceExtensible
 class OperationImpl
          This class represents a WSDL operation.
 class PartImpl
          This class represents a message part and contains the part's name, elementName, typeName, and any extensibility attributes.
 class PortTypeImpl
          This class represents a port type.

Uses of ModelReferenceExtensible in edu.uga.cs.lsdis.sawsdl.impl.util

Methods in edu.uga.cs.lsdis.sawsdl.impl.util with parameters of type ModelReferenceExtensible
static java.util.Set<ModelReference> ModelRefUtil.parseModelReference(java.util.List modelRefs, Definition def, ModelReferenceExtensible op)

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