Package edu.uga.cs.lsdis.wsdl20.extensions.sawsdl

Interface Summary
InheritedModelReference This represents a ModelReference on an Interface that has inherited ModelReferences from another Interface.
ModelReference Interface for model reference.
ModelReferenceAttr Extended interface for the model reference attribute
PropagatedModelReference Represents a ModelReference that also has propagated ModelReferences.
PropagatedSchemaMapping Represents a SchemaMapping that was propagated from the ComplexType or SimpleType of the element.
SchemaMapping Inteface to represent the schema mapping
SchemaMappingAttr Attribute representation for the Schema mapping Extended from the XMLAttr

Class Summary
Constants Constant holder for SAWSDL components
WrappingReaderFactory This WSDLFactory implementation will create wrapping WSDLReader for creating a WSDLReader that will propagate ModelReferences.

Enum Summary

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