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Uses of XMLWriter in org.apache.woden.ant

Subclasses of XMLWriter in org.apache.woden.ant
 class Report
          The Report class writes an XML file that reports the results of validating a set of WSDL files.
 class WsdlCm
          The WsdlCm class writes the component model in the W3C interchange format.

Fields in org.apache.woden.ant declared as XMLWriter
protected  XMLWriter NamespaceWriter.out

Constructors in org.apache.woden.ant with parameters of type XMLWriter
CmBaseWriter(XMLWriter out)
CmExtensionsWriter(XMLWriter out)
CmHttpWriter(XMLWriter out)
CmRpcWriter(XMLWriter out)
CmSoapWriter(XMLWriter out)
CmWriter(XMLWriter out)
NamespaceWriter(XMLWriter out, java.lang.String namespace, java.lang.String prefix)

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