Uses of Interface

Packages that use ErrorInfo

Uses of ErrorInfo in org.apache.woden

Methods in org.apache.woden with parameters of type ErrorInfo
 void ErrorHandler.error(ErrorInfo errorInfo)
 void ErrorHandler.fatalError(ErrorInfo errorInfo)
 void ErrorHandler.warning(ErrorInfo errorInfo)

Uses of ErrorInfo in org.apache.woden.ant

Methods in org.apache.woden.ant with parameters of type ErrorInfo
 void Report.error(ErrorInfo errorInfo)
 void Report.fatalError(ErrorInfo errorInfo)
 void Report.warning(ErrorInfo errorInfo)
 void Report.write(java.lang.String tag, ErrorInfo errorInfo)

Uses of ErrorInfo in org.apache.woden.internal

Classes in org.apache.woden.internal that implement ErrorInfo
 class ErrorInfoImpl
          This class is a data object containing the information needed for reporting warnings, errors and fatal errors.

Methods in org.apache.woden.internal with parameters of type ErrorInfo
 void ErrorHandlerImpl.error(ErrorInfo errorInfo)
 void ErrorHandlerImpl.fatalError(ErrorInfo errorInfo)
 void ErrorHandlerImpl.warning(ErrorInfo errorInfo)

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