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Packages that use WSDLFactory

Uses of WSDLFactory in edu.uga.cs.lsdis.wsdl20.extensions.sawsdl

Subclasses of WSDLFactory in edu.uga.cs.lsdis.wsdl20.extensions.sawsdl
 class WrappingReaderFactory
          This WSDLFactory implementation will create wrapping WSDLReader for creating a WSDLReader that will propagate ModelReferences.

Uses of WSDLFactory in org.apache.woden

Methods in org.apache.woden that return WSDLFactory
static WSDLFactory WSDLFactory.newInstance()
static WSDLFactory WSDLFactory.newInstance(java.lang.String factoryImplName)

Uses of WSDLFactory in org.apache.woden.internal

Subclasses of WSDLFactory in org.apache.woden.internal
 class DOMWSDLFactory
 class OMWSDLFactory

Methods in org.apache.woden.internal that return WSDLFactory
protected  WSDLFactory BaseWSDLReader.getFactory()
          Get the cached WSDLFactory if there is one, otherwise create and cache a new one.

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