Class DOMWSDLSource

  extended by org.apache.woden.internal.BaseWSDLSource
      extended by org.apache.woden.internal.DOMWSDLSource
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public class DOMWSDLSource
extends BaseWSDLSource

This class provides a WSDLSource implementation that supports a DOM-based representation of the WSDL source. Specifically, it may accept via its setSource method an object of type org.w3c.dom.Element, org.w3c.dom.Document or org.xml.sax.InputSource. Any other type of object passed to this method will result in a WSDLException being thrown.

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Field Summary
Fields inherited from class org.apache.woden.internal.BaseWSDLSource
fErrorReporter, fSource
Constructor Summary
DOMWSDLSource(ErrorReporter errorReporter)
Method Summary
 void setSource(java.lang.Object wsdlSource)
          Store the specified source object representing the WSDL.
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getBaseURI, getSource, setBaseURI
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Constructor Detail


public DOMWSDLSource(ErrorReporter errorReporter)
Method Detail


public void setSource(java.lang.Object wsdlSource)
Description copied from interface: WSDLSource
Store the specified source object representing the WSDL.

Specified by:
setSource in interface WSDLSource
Specified by:
setSource in class BaseWSDLSource
wsdlSource - the WSDL source object

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