Package org.apache.woden

Interface Summary
ErrorHandler This interface declares operations for handling three types of errors; warnings, errors and fatal errors.
ErrorInfo This interface describes the three types of errors (warning, error and fatal error) that may be reported.
ErrorLocator Represents the location of a parsing error within an XML document.
ErrorReporter Defines the approach for reporting errors that occur while parsing, validating or manipulating WSDL descriptions, such as XML parser errors or violations of the rules defined in the WSDL specification.
WSDLReader This interface declares an API for reading WSDL descriptions from different sources such as WSDL documents or files, parsed XML elements and input byte streams.
WSDLSource This interface represents WSDL source in a format to be interpreted by the WSDLReader implementation.
XMLElement This interface represents an XML element information item in a format to be interpreted by the Woden implementation.

Class Summary
WSDLFactory Based on wsdl4j factory.

Exception Summary

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