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Packages that use Schema

Uses of Schema in org.apache.woden.internal

Methods in org.apache.woden.internal that return Schema
protected abstract  Schema BaseWSDLReader.parseSchemaImport(XMLElement importEl, DescriptionElement desc)
protected  Schema DOMWSDLReader.parseSchemaImport(XMLElement importEl, DescriptionElement desc)
protected  Schema OMWSDLReader.parseSchemaImport(XMLElement importEl, DescriptionElement desc)
protected abstract  Schema BaseWSDLReader.parseSchemaInline(XMLElement schemaEl, DescriptionElement desc)
protected  Schema DOMWSDLReader.parseSchemaInline(XMLElement schemaEl, DescriptionElement desc)
protected  Schema OMWSDLReader.parseSchemaInline(XMLElement schemaElement, DescriptionElement desc)

Uses of Schema in org.apache.woden.internal.schema

Classes in org.apache.woden.internal.schema that implement Schema
 class ImportedSchemaImpl
          This interface represents a schema import, <xs:import>.
 class InlinedSchemaImpl
          This class represents an inlined schema, <xs:schema>.
 class SchemaImpl
          Abstract implementation of an XML Schema.

Uses of Schema in org.apache.woden.internal.wsdl20

Methods in org.apache.woden.internal.wsdl20 that return Schema
 Schema[] TypesImpl.getSchemas()
 Schema[] TypesImpl.getSchemas( namespace)

Methods in org.apache.woden.internal.wsdl20 with parameters of type Schema
 void TypesImpl.addSchema(Schema schema)
 void TypesImpl.removeSchema(Schema schema)

Uses of Schema in org.apache.woden.schema

Subinterfaces of Schema in org.apache.woden.schema
 interface ImportedSchema
          This interface represents a schema import element, <xs:import>.
 interface InlinedSchema
          This interface represents an inlined schema element, <xs:schema>.

Uses of Schema in org.apache.woden.wsdl20.xml

Methods in org.apache.woden.wsdl20.xml that return Schema
 Schema[] TypesElement.getSchemas()
          Return the schemas inlined or imported directly within this <types> element.
 Schema[] TypesElement.getSchemas( namespace)
          Return the schemas inlined or imported directly within this <types> element whose target namespace matches the specified namespace.

Methods in org.apache.woden.wsdl20.xml with parameters of type Schema
 void TypesElement.addSchema(Schema schema)
          Add a Schema object for a schema inlined or imported within the <types> element.
 void TypesElement.removeSchema(Schema schema)
          Delete the specified Schema object.

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