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Packages that use NCName

Uses of NCName in org.apache.woden.ant

Methods in org.apache.woden.ant with parameters of type NCName
 void XMLWriter.write(java.lang.String tag, NCName ncname)
          Writes an NCName element if non-null.

Uses of NCName in org.apache.woden.internal.wsdl20

Methods in org.apache.woden.internal.wsdl20 that return NCName
 NCName InterfaceFaultReferenceImpl.getMessageLabel()
 NCName BindingMessageReferenceImpl.getMessageLabel()
 NCName BindingFaultReferenceImpl.getMessageLabel()
 NCName InterfaceMessageReferenceImpl.getMessageLabel()
 NCName EndpointImpl.getName()

Methods in org.apache.woden.internal.wsdl20 with parameters of type NCName
 Endpoint ServiceImpl.getEndpoint(NCName name)
 void InterfaceFaultReferenceImpl.setMessageLabel(NCName msgLabel)
 void BindingMessageReferenceImpl.setMessageLabel(NCName msgLabel)
 void BindingFaultReferenceImpl.setMessageLabel(NCName msgLabel)
 void InterfaceMessageReferenceImpl.setMessageLabel(NCName msgLabel)
 void InterfaceImpl.setName(NCName name)
 void ServiceImpl.setName(NCName name)
 void InterfaceOperationImpl.setName(NCName name)
 void BindingImpl.setName(NCName name)
 void InterfaceFaultImpl.setName(NCName name)
 void EndpointImpl.setName(NCName name)

Uses of NCName in org.apache.woden.wsdl20

Methods in org.apache.woden.wsdl20 that return NCName
 NCName InterfaceFaultReference.getMessageLabel()
          Returns an NCName representing the {message label} property of this InterfaceFaultReference.
 NCName InterfaceMessageReference.getMessageLabel()
          Returns an NCName representing the {message label} property of this InterfaceMessageReference.
 NCName Endpoint.getName()
          Returns the local name representing the {name} property of this Endpoint.

Methods in org.apache.woden.wsdl20 with parameters of type NCName
 Endpoint Service.getEndpoint(NCName name)
          Returns the Endpoint with the specified local name from the {endpoints} property of this Service.

Uses of NCName in org.apache.woden.wsdl20.enumeration

Fields in org.apache.woden.wsdl20.enumeration declared as NCName
static NCName MessageLabel.IN
static NCName MessageLabel.OUT

Uses of NCName in org.apache.woden.wsdl20.xml

Methods in org.apache.woden.wsdl20.xml that return NCName
 NCName InterfaceFaultReferenceElement.getMessageLabel()
          Return the NCName representing the message label.
 NCName BindingFaultReferenceElement.getMessageLabel()
          Return the NCName representing the message label.
 NCName InterfaceMessageReferenceElement.getMessageLabel()
          Return the NCName representing the message label.
 NCName BindingMessageReferenceElement.getMessageLabel()
          Return the NCName representing the message label.
 NCName EndpointElement.getName()
          Return the qualified name of this EndpointElement, which consists of its local name and the targetNamespace of the enclosing DescriptionElement.

Methods in org.apache.woden.wsdl20.xml with parameters of type NCName
 void InterfaceFaultReferenceElement.setMessageLabel(NCName msgLabel)
          Set the message label to the specified NCName.
 void BindingFaultReferenceElement.setMessageLabel(NCName msgLabel)
          Set the message label to the specified NCName.
 void InterfaceMessageReferenceElement.setMessageLabel(NCName msgLabel)
          Set the message label to the specified NCName.
 void BindingMessageReferenceElement.setMessageLabel(NCName msgLabel)
          Set the message label to the specified NCName.
 void ServiceElement.setName(NCName name)
          Set the name of this ServiceElement to the specified NCName.
 void InterfaceFaultElement.setName(NCName name)
          Set the name of this InterfaceFaultElement to the specified NCName.
 void InterfaceOperationElement.setName(NCName name)
          Set the name of this InterfaceOperationElement to the specified NCName.
 void InterfaceElement.setName(NCName name)
          Set the name of this InterfaceElement to the specified NCName.
 void EndpointElement.setName(NCName name)
          Set the name of this EndpointElement to the specified NCName.
 void BindingElement.setName(NCName name)
          Set the name of this BindingElement to the specified NCName.

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