Interface ComponentExtensions

All Known Subinterfaces:
HTTPBindingExtensions, HTTPBindingFaultExtensions, HTTPBindingMessageReferenceExtensions, HTTPBindingOperationExtensions, HTTPEndpointExtensions, InterfaceOperationExtensions, RPCInterfaceOperationExtensions, SOAPBindingExtensions, SOAPBindingFaultExtensions, SOAPBindingFaultReferenceExtensions, SOAPBindingMessageReferenceExtensions, SOAPBindingOperationExtensions, SOAPEndpointExtensions
All Known Implementing Classes:
ComponentExtensionsImpl, HTTPBindingExtensionsImpl, HTTPBindingFaultExtensionsImpl, HTTPBindingMessageReferenceExtensionsImpl, HTTPBindingOperationExtensionsImpl, HTTPEndpointExtensionsImpl, InterfaceOperationExtensionsImpl, RPCInterfaceOperationExtensionsImpl, SAWSDLComponentExtensions, SOAPBindingExtensionsImpl, SOAPBindingFaultExtensionsImpl, SOAPBindingFaultReferenceExtensionsImpl, SOAPBindingMessageReferenceExtensionsImpl, SOAPBindingOperationExtensionsImpl, SOAPEndpointExtensionsImpl

public interface ComponentExtensions

This interface represents a group of properties that extend a WSDLComponent. These properties share the same namespace and it is different to the WSDL 2.0 namespace. The XML representation of these properties are the elements and attributes from outside the WSDL 2.0 namespace that extend a WSDL element. For example, the elements and attributes from the SOAP namespace that extend the WSDL <binding> element are represented by this interface as extension properties of the Binding component.

This interface provides a common point of reference to a WSDL component's extension properties that belong to a particular namespace. The interface does not define any behaviour specific to the individual properties. Woden implementations that need to support WSDL extensions from a particular namespace should implement this interface and add support specific to those extensions.

For example, Woden implements this interface to support the SOAP and HTTP binding extensions defined in the W3C WSDL 2.0 specification.

Author:, Arthur Ryman (

Field Summary
static URI_NS_HTTP
static URI_NS_RPC
static URI_NS_SOAP
          Namespace URIs for extensions defined by WSDL 2.0 Specification.
Method Summary getNamespace()

Field Detail


static final URI_NS_SOAP
Namespace URIs for extensions defined by WSDL 2.0 Specification.


static final URI_NS_HTTP


static final URI_NS_RPC


static final URI_NS_EXTENSIONS
Method Detail

getNamespace getNamespace()
the non-WSDL URI shared by this group of extension properties

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