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public interface QNameOrTokenAttr
extends XMLAttr

This interface represents XML attribute information items of type 'Union of xs:QName or xs:token', for example the wsoap:code extension attribute of binding <fault>.

The isQName method can be used to determine whether to call the getQName method or the getToken method. If the implementor object is initialized with a QName, isQName will return 'true', getQName will return the QName object and getToken will return null. If it is initialized with a xs:token, isQName will return 'false', getQName will return null and getToken will return the token string.

If the implementor object is initialized with a null value (i.e. because of an attribute value conversion error or because the attribute value was empty in the WSDL), the getContents, getQName and getToken methods will return null and isQName and isValid will return false.


Method Summary
 QName getQName()
 java.lang.String getToken()
 boolean isQName()
 boolean isToken()
Methods inherited from interface org.apache.woden.xml.XMLAttr
getAttributeType, getContent, init, isValid, setErrorReporter, toExternalForm

Method Detail


boolean isQName()


boolean isToken()


QName getQName()


java.lang.String getToken()

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