ADEPT - Alexandria Digital Earth Prototype (1999-2004)

The Alexandria Digital Earth Prototype (ADEPT) is a comprehensive follow-on to the previously funded Alexandria Digital Library Project (ADL). ADEPT aims to use the digital earth metaphor for organizing, using, and presenting information at all levels of spatial and temporal resolution. We call the digital environments based on the Earth Metaphor Iscapes (Information Landscapes). The research and development activities will focus on:

  • Creating geospatial information and meta-information collections.
  • Building operational services for:
    1. Discovering heterogeneous, distributed collections.
    2. Organizing these resources into Iscapes tailored for specific applications.
    3. Collaborative use and visualization of iscapes.
  • Applying and evaluating adept services in undergraduate learning, and developing scalable, efficient, and secure systems.

Funding and Team:

This research is supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF) under Grant No. IS IRI-9411330. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation. Additional partial support and donations have been provided by Poet, and Informix.

ADEPT team at UGA consists of Prof.Amit Sheth (PI), Prof. Krys Kochut (co-PI), Tarcisio Lima (Local Manager), Mukesh Guntamadugu, Sriram Lakshminarayan, Narayanan Palsena, Dilpreet Singh, and others.

Key past contributors include Clemens Bertram, Krishnan Parasuraman, Vineet Mahajan, Subhrajit Ray, and others.