CaTCH: [Collaborative Teleconsulting for Healthcare]. This projects involves integration for several rapidly progressing technologies to support high bandwidth collaboration through access to diverse variety of information over a variety of communications alternatives. CaTCH I supports real-time collaboration by integrating multimedia patient data on Intranet, medical reference data on Internet, LAN/POTS/ISDN-based Video+Data Conferencing, and WWW/Java programming to set up remote environment and context sensitive collaboration. CaTCH II provides asynchronous (store-and-forward) collaboration using a Web-object model to integrate a variety of information such as streaming video of medial information, video or audio mail, patient data, etc. and making it available on demand through Web. Medical College of Georgia is our primary application partner for this project. CaTCH II is being field trialed for supporting consultation on echocardiograph. It is also being extended to support a variety of consultations in healthcare.