Architecture Overview

The METEOR workflow management system (WfMS) consists of the METEOR Designer/Builder (MTDes), a repository, and two workflow enactment systems (or workflow engines) -WebWork and ORBWork.

The METEOR designer (MTDes) is a tool kit to visually design and build workflows.  The functionality of the METEOR workflow designer has been tailored so that it allows for almost-complete automatic code generation for a workflow application ready to execute in a distributed, heterogeneous environment.

ORBWork is, we believe, the first CORBA+Java based fully distributed workflow enactment system. In addition to providing coordination capabilities in a heterogeneous and distributed environment, ORBWork supports scalable software architecture, access to heterogeneous databases, as well as an error detection and recovery framework that uses transactional concepts. ORBWork uses ORBIXWeb and ORBIX Naming services from Iona.

WebWork is a fully distributed Web-based workflow enactment service that exploits the latest Internet/Web technologies. As compare to ORBWork, it is a "light weight" implementation, more ubiquitous Web servers (compared to CORBA ), but currently with a somewhat limited support for scalability and dynamic changes.




METEOR Resources

For research presentation and publications, please check LSDIS library

A practitioner's view of METEOR: view or download (powerpoint).