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Semantic Browser


Semantic Browser is a tool that enables the users to traverse among the semantically connected documents easily. The documents are connected by using the relationships, such as "causes", "adjacent to", "produces"...etc.


  • PubMed dataset is used (48,252 documents).
  • MESH terms in these documents are annotated with the UMLS ontology.
  • Our ontology that we generated from the UMLS, has;

Technologies used:

  • User Interface (HTML page)
  • SemDis API
  • Ant & Tomcat
  • AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript And XML)
  • JSP (Java Server Page)
  • Java Script (several XMLDOM and DHTML functions were used in JavaScript)
  • Ontology in RDF format
  • Lucene indexing
  • Eclipse WTP (All-In-One) for Java coding.

See Demo

Semantic Browser Architecture

Contact Person:
Bilal Gonen