Package edu.uga.cs.lsdis.semdisds

Interface Summary
IAlternative Interface for RDF's 'alt' container
IBag Interface for RDF's 'bag' container
IBlankNode Interface for RDF's blank node
IExtendedIterator<T> Extended Iterator that allows for recycling of iterator objects
IInstanceNode Interface for an instance node
ILiteral Literals
ILiteralRange Interface for the case where the 'range' of a property is defined as a Literal
ILiteralStatement A Statement connecting a resource to a literal
IOntologyManager Ontology Manager - capabilities to create ontology models
IOntologyModel Ontology Model - get/create/etc instances, classes, relationships, literals, statements, etc
IRange Interface that acts as a parent for two different types of 'range' (literal, schema class)
IResource Resource encapsulates an RDF resource, having incoming, outgoing edges, as well as literals
IResourceStatement Interface for a resource statement
ISchemaClass Encapsulates a class in an ontology schema
ISchemaDatatypeProperty Interface for a schema datatype property
ISchemaObjectProperty Interface for a schema object property
ISchemaProperty Interface for a schema property (could have range: literal or class)
ISequence Interface for an RDF's 'sequence' container
IStatement Interface for an statement
ITypeOfStatement Interface for typeof statement
ITypeRange Interface for type range
IURI Representation of a URI