Contact: Leon Deligiannidis

Semantic EventTracker

I. Goal

II. Requirements

III. Project Description

Semantic EventTracker (SET) is a highly interactive visualization tool for tracking and associating activities (events) of suspects in a Spatially Enriched Virtual Environment (SEVE). "Event" information is extracted from ontologies that enable a user to discover semantic associations between events using thematic and topological relations, including RDF graphs that represent metadata and ontological teams. For example, a suspect A traveled to city M in two days where he met another suspect B. After 3 days, they took a flight where another suspect C was also traveling and they all arrived at a nuclear facility in city N. Additionally, a week prior, suspect C had visited a bomb manufacturing facility in country X. A 2D map is generated using geospatial information which is applied as a texture on 3D objects. Temporal data is represented as a 3D multi-line in space that connects sequencing events. The slope of the line depends upon the time-distance between two events; time-distance indicates how far apart two events occurred in time, for example, this could depict how fast a suspect traveled from one place to another. A steep slop indicates greater time-distance. The line is semantically marked with 3D objects that can be selected by the user's virtual hand. Upon a marking's selection, SET displays in SEVE metadata information such as digital images, 3D models, web documents and it can also play audio and video clips. Multiple multi-lines can be visualized on the same map to help discover path crossings, meeting times, contacts of suspects, etc, of tracked suspects.

Leonidas Deligiannidis, Farshad Hakimpour, Amit P. Sheth,
"Visualization of Events in a Spatially and Multimedia Enriched Virtual Environment".
IEEE Intelligence and Security Informatics (ISI), New Brunswick, New Jersey May 23-24 2007.

IV. Design




  • Instructions on how to create an oracle database and load geospatial data is here
  • First version of the javadoc.