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Semantically Enabled Networking and Services

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Current networking technology allows information to passed at high speed between uniquely identifiable hosts. With routers routing packets on the longest common prefix in their routing table of IP addresses. More recently companies such as Cisco have been doing what is known as Application Oriented Networking. In AON, some packets have their data examined to determine how they should be routed and/or transformed. The reason behind the push for the deeper packet inspection and routing on the data is improved application performance when the network can play a roll in the application for which it is well suited.
The goal of the Semantic Enabled Networks and Services project is to provide network level improvements and services through the use of formal semantics. We examine how current MiddleWare services can be pushed into the network level with the help of semantics; as well as, investigate new and innovative ways to solve old networking problems.

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Contact: Doug Brewer