SWDB-ODBIS07: Joint ODBIS & SWDB workshop on Semantic Web, Ontologies, Databases

Colocated with VLDB2007

September 24, 2007

Call for Papers

Call for Papers SWDB-ODBIS'07

We invite the submission of short and long papers on:

  • research, focusing on foundational or technological aspects
  • experience, describing industrial aspects
Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

  • Semantics-aware data models and query languages
  • Change management of large scale distributed ontologies
  • Semantic and statistical approaches for query optimization
  • Ontology elicitation from structured and semi-structured databases
  • Ontology-based views, mappings, transformations, and query reformulation
  • Data and ontology merge, alignment, and fusion
  • Semantic search of voluminous multimedia collections
  • Collaboration on the semantic web and emergent semantics
  • Semantics in peer-to-peer systems and grids
  • Storing and indexing semantic web data and schemas
  • Benchmarks for combined data and metadata queries
  • Synthetic data and schema generation for the semantic web
  • Data mining and semi-automatic ontology construction and refinement
  • Data Filtering, cleansing, and summarization using ontologies
  • Semantic annotations and ontology quality evaluation
  • Social networks analysis for the semantic web
  • Industrial-strength DBMS support for the semantic web
  • Applications, evaluations, and experiences in Geographic IS, Scientific Databases, Bioinformatics, Web-based Information Systems

Submissions must generally be in electronic form using Portable Document Format (.pdf) or PostScript. They must not exceed 6 pages for full length papers or 4 pages for research-in-progress proposals and they must be formatted using the VLDB format.

Selected papers will be publishedin a LNCS volume
We thank our sponsors.