Semantic Web and Databases Workshop, April 8, 2006

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The Semantic Web is a key initiative being promoted by the W3C as the next generation of the current Web. The objective of this workshop is to discuss database and Web information system applications that use semantics and to gain insight into the evolution of semantic Web technology. In particular, this workshop will try to address how ontologies and semantics can help in building better databases and Web information systems. Furthermore evolving semantic information systems still lack adequate indexing, query processing and optimization, and benchmarking techniques. The experiences in building semi-structured (e.g. XML) and distributed databases can help in developing better techniques for storing and querying large-scale ontologies and meta-data repositories. Thus, SWDB'06 workshop aims to promote a dialogue among semantic Web and database communities with a common goal of building better and more efficient Web information systems.

Colocated with ICDE 2006

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We thank our sponsors, LSDIS Lab of the University of Georgia and the Software Telecommunications Group of the University of Waterloo