Semantic Web and Databases Workshop, April 8, 2006
Call for Papers

Call for Papers SWDB'06

We invite the submission of short and long papers on:

  • research, focusing on foundational or technological aspects
  • experience, describing industrial aspects


  • Management of large scale ontologies
  • Ontology-driven information systems
  • Semantic interoperability
  • Ontology-driven knowledge discovery
  • Meta-data extraction and annotation
  • Meta-data and ontology quality
  • Benchmarks and evaluation
  • Semantic search of large document collections
  • Semantic multimedia information systems
  • Query algebras for combined data and metadata queries
  • Storage, querying, and integration of Web services
  • Semantic Web applications (prototypes, pilots, deployed) based on XML, RDF, OWL or various variants (RDF and OWL are W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) recommendations and recently being adopted by the industry as well):
    • Personal information management,
    • Bio-informatics and life sciences,
    • Geographic information systems ,
    • Enterprise data integration etc.
We thank our sponsors, LSDIS Lab of the University of Georgia and the Software Telecommunications Group of the University of Waterloo